I'm Nicole Melville. The art director, illustrator and creative thinker behind nicknack and gay gatsby. My favorite thing to do is snuggle with my pup, Eloise. My second favorite thing to do is create. This is when I am most happy. 

I'm always thinking of ideas. Seeing an idea come to life is what (I assume) a proud parent would feel upon graduation day. You nurture it, mold it and send if off into the world hoping that it does great things. 

I like to surround myself with brilliant folks on all fronts who value the craft and the process. This only encourages me to up my game. Go team! This is the master plan I've carried throughout my career. When I was younger, I would always play basketball with the older kids. They were always better (and taller) than I was, which helped improve my game. While I haven't gotten much taller since then, I still value learning, sharing and healthy competition.

My third favorite thing is Taco Tuesday.

Here are a few things I did recently:

Interview with HOW Design
A Conversation with Nicole Melville of Gay Gatsby
By Joseph Hughes

That time my friend, in the seat next to me, got hit in the head at a baseball game by a foul ball and it went viral. 

That time my tweet was featured during Super Bowl 47

Gay Games 2014
That time my Instagram Photo was featured on The Huffington Post
Table Tennis Participant
Mixed Doubles Hobby Division

Featured Designer

Podcast Thing
Featured Guest

Shoes and Clothes for Kids
Associate Board Member
Engagement Team Co-Chair

Weapons of Mass Creation 4
One of 20 Featured Designers

Made in the 216
Featured Designer

The Adcom Group Cycling Team
Velosano Bike To Cure

Melamed Riley Cycling Team
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American Advertising Federation

Maintaining Urban Farmstead

Cleveland Critical Mass

Recreational Beach Volleyball
Losing record, but hey, it was fun!