Sherwin-Williams Preferred Customer PaintPerks™ Email

Client: Sherwin-Williams
Copywriter: Matt Christensen

After designing Sherwin-Williams emails for a year and a half, we were tasked with a complete redesign. Knowing some of the challenges we've had in the past, I set out to create a design that fully highlights the content and looks great on both desktop and mobile. In order to create a seamless experience, this design takes several cues from the PaintPerks microsite. It was very important for inspirational content and sales to work within the design. Sherwin-Williams is the paint expert and the PaintPerks emails are meant mimic the in-store experience. 

Sherwin-Williams "Color to Color" Digital Pub

Client: Sherwin-Williams
Copywriter: Cindy Hill

In addition to designing emails for Sherwin-Williams, I also work on their Color to Color quarterly digital publication. Each issue we are tasked to assign a theme, create content, highlight color trends and design the layout. In order to keep up with technology, we have redesigned the publication into a fully responsive microsite.  

Please view fully interactive publication click here.  

OurPets Website

Client: OurPets
Copywriter: Stephanie Burris

If “simpatico” means “compatible,” then “simpetico” means “a state of harmony between you and your pet.” We conveyed this idea through the tagline, "Life's better when you see eye to eye."

Visually, we were able to capture this quite literally and carried it through a number of different media, including the website. We created a landing page with the question, "Are you simpetico?" After a couple of seconds, the page then separates to reveal the homepage. The eye contact remains even after the page is fully opened to further reinforce the concept. The homepage highlights frequently asked questions answered by veterinarians, animal behaviorists and animal trainers. 

Baker's Chocolate App

Client: Baker's Chocolate
Copywriter: Don Pausback

When people eschew fancy for tried-and-true, feeling drawn to things they remember as a child — like the smell of chocolate cookies or brownies baking in the oven — this theme makes perfect sense.

The nostalgic feel of “Back to Basics. Back to Baker’s.” fit well with the idea of quick, simple recipes that don’t take a lot of time, but result in “oooohs” and “aaaahs.” 

When developing the Baker's app, we wanted to give the user everything they would need for quick and easy baking.

Zombie Weed Warrior Game

Client: FMC
Copywriter: Stephanie Burris

The client wanted to develop an interactive game for their Golf Industry Show trade show booth. We decided to use our existing Zombie Weed print campaign.

“Perennial weeds will soon return from the dead – and there’s only one way to stop them: Herbicides featuring FMC sulfentrazone! Target underground weed reproductive structures and reduce future populations of weeds. Starring YOU as the ZOMBIE WEED WARRIOR.”

The game was a hit, and the top ten scores earned players product giveaways.