The Storm System

Client: California Paints Storm Stain
Copywriter: Rick Riley

The exterior finishes category has never been known for its simplicity. In fact, watch typical customers try to figure out exactly what they want in the stain aisle and it becomes painfully clear that the category is muddled and muddied. 

When rebranding Storm Stain by California Paints, we wanted to simplify the buying decision by creating an intuitive product array based on five easy-to-understand categories featuring familiar color-coded weather symbolism and phrasing.

Storm Stain Rebranding and Packaging

Skillshare Label Design Class with Jon Contino

Product: Workhorse Coffee Company

It may seem counterintuitive, but the busier I feel, the more creative and prolific I am in my work. Which is why I try to fill my down time by creating something, anything. To me, it’s the whole “practice makes perfect” concept – the more you do something, the better you get at it. So, to keep up on new design techniques I have a monthly membership to There, you can learn from the best designers in the business. In this particular class, we developed a label using hand lettering. I created and branded an imaginary cold brew company named Workhorse – which seemed fitting for a coffee company – focusing on two different options: Ready-To-Drink and Concentrate. 


Workhorse Cold Brew

OurPets Packaging

Client: OurPets
Copywriter: Rick Riley

In a category that is littered (excuse the pun) with cat imagery, we wanted to create something own able. That's when we decided on closeups of our furry friends’ faces. This not only reinforces the brand by mimicking the nose and whiskers of the logo, but also breaks through the clutter in the retail space. We carried this through the entire line of products.